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Why Use Skype?

Skype is a little program for making free calls over the Internet to anyone else that has Skype. With Skype you can talk to anyone, anywhere for free!

In January 2006 we announced that Skype is integrated into bPresence ™ solutions. So what does that mean for your business - clients can call you from anywhere in the world right from your website using Skype for free!

10 business reasons to use Skype:

  • Make calls on the Internet for free!
  • Download Skype for free. Its easy to install.
  • 100 million users are already using Skype.
  • Make long distance calls at local rates to landlines and mobiles with SkypeOut.
  • Stay connected with Skype voicemail.
  • Forward calls to a landline or mobile phone for the cost of a SkypeOut call.
  • Send instant messages when you're tired of talking.
  • Make a conference call for free with up to 5 people.
  • See when the people you want to call are available.
  • Transfer files.

We  power our company communications using SkypeIn, which has enabled us to lose our landline phone (approximate savings - $700 per year), and we have dramatically reduced our long distance charges  (approximately 80%) using SkypeOut. This is real value!

In addition to these wonderful cost savings, we are now able to provide better service to our customers.   With the use of our bPresence ™ solution and the integration of the Skype software we can virtually operate our entire enterprise from any computer connected to Internet.

We have made this integration available to our clients and sellers so that we can all share in this value-added feature.

Find out more by visiting Skype >

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